Memories of Our Battlefields Tour

Pauwels Travel, posted on May 24, 2020

Bruce and I took the tour with you, Jacques, back to back with the tour to South India. Both were great trips although very different. The battlefields tour is very moving. I remember when we attended the service in Ypres and it started pouring with rain. When the service ended so did the rain and I found that very meaningful. Although we were damp we went for a wonderful lunch and could dry off. It made me reflect on the soldiers in the trenches who could not get a hot meal and dry off. I also remember one of the tour participants (Kim?) who wanted to visit the cemetery where her brother was buried which I believe was near your home town. You had arranged for a piper and she read a poem she had written for her brother - not a dry eye. I am glad that we took that tour.

Looking forward to the future.