We love hearing from all the wonderful people that have joined Pauwels Travel on trips around the world!


My travels with Pauwels Travel began in 1999 with a trip to Paris. Since then I have taken many trips, some with my partner and some with my friends (whom I introduced to your tours and who have continued to travel with Pauwels!) Probably, like me their experiences have been positive. The tours are always great and I always feel well looked after.

The Trans-Siberian tour was interesting and fun. It is like a fine wine that you keep recalling and remembering how it tasted and how glad you are that you had the opportunity to experience it!

Carolyn F.


I have been meaning to email for a week or so to say how much I enjoyed the Italy tour, and meeting you and Cathy. I really do congratulate you both - you handled everything with enormous tact and efficiency (not always easy, I know) and made sure that we all had a terrific time. We could not have wished for more fun, and understanding, leaders. I was very sad to wave off the bus in Verona, and hope that you all had a great time in Venice and Florence. They were an entertaining group, and I missed you all afterwards. I do hope we can get together for another tour.

F.C. London, UK

We had a great time on the trip, and you and Cathy did a great job. We are thinking seriously at this point of joining next year's tour, especially if it is the same mix of town and countryside, vineyards and other attractions. Would you ensure that we are on your list when the plans firm up. We also have friends who are very interested. Keep us posted. We'll be interested to see the itinerary.

B. & M. Victoria, BC

Stephen and Cathy, thank you for the great pics you have posted. The memories come flooding back when I look at them. It truly was the trip of a lifetime! Thanks for everything you both did to make it all come together. Of course I want to be kept informed [of the Bordeaux tour] – I certainly intend to go assuming the timing is in May. I have told some other people about it and if they want more info I will send along their e-mail addresses. 

G.P. Toronto

Thank you very much for the update on the Wine Tour, your fantastic pictures and a preview of plans for a future wine tour. We wanted to thank you both for the wonderful job you did escorting this tour. You made it seem so effortless but I am sure that is not the case. We certainly enjoyed your company and everyone else on the trip as well. This was a very special group and I have to think that our common bond, an appreciation of good wine, provided the chemistry that made this group so congenial. We feel we have made a friend in each and every one of you. I hope we can stay in touch. Our thanks also goes out to Tony Aspler who organized the trip so beautifully. We really did get to visit some very prestigious wine producers, stay in some wonderful hotels and visit some of the most historic landmarks in all of Europe. Last but not least the wonderful wines we sampled and the wine bars and enotecas we discovered along the way were just marvelous. Thank you, Tony! The trip in the works to visit the Bordeaux Region of France sounds intriguing. I would love to have an opportunity to return there and take Stella to see it for the first time. While it is difficult to commit to the trip at this point we will certainly give it consideration and would like to be kept in the loop as the planning progresses. Thanks again to everybody for making this trip a memory that will last for a lifetime. We hope to meet you all again someday soon.

D. & S. Woodstock, ON


We certainly would include this tour among the best holiday trips that we have ever taken. The tour arrangements were great, including the hotel and meals and the well organized day-trips... We found Berlin to be a virtual walk-in encyclopedia of arts and architecture. We also found your daily 'briefings' on the history of Germany to be very helpful in filling in the gaps from our readings preparatory to the trip.

J. and E.S, Don Mills, ON

Thank you for making the trip so lively and informative. The depth of information and the effective presentations added immeasurably to my enjoyment of this visit to Berlin. 

D. D., Arlington, Virginia

We have appreciated the balance between guided tour and free time to explore and experience the city in our own way...[It was] such an enriching experience, including opera, theatre, and concert. 

D. & O. L., Toronto, ON

Just a brief comment about the recently-completed Berlin in Depth tour: Berlin was great! The tour was great!

R.F., Brampton, ON


We had a wonderful trip on the Camino. Thank you, it was informative, inspiring and fun! 

A. & D. F., Toronto, ON


Thank you for the delightful tour of Sardinia and Corsica. What beautiful islands! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and loved the food and the sights and of course the people. We'll never forget the beautiful Mediterranean and of course that boat ride back from Sardinia to Corsica. Your presentations are always informative and delightful, a highlight of the tour. A great and fun time was had by all!

B. & R. C., Etobicoke, ON


We're just back from Vienna and Prague... great trip in all respects including the KLM flight! We wanted to thank you so much for your efforts in getting us "extra legroom" seats with our Flying Blue points. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes for that long haul over the ocean. Now we're spoiled of course!! Anyway, thanks again for your efforts. 

John & Sally Wismer


I just wanted you to know that I thought the Egypt trip the best I had ever been on. We certainly had value for money and lots of fun in the bargain... Ihab was an inspired choice for a guide. 

D. W., Alton, ON


Many thanks for your efforts to arrange and guide this Lybian tour off the beaten track. It was the Roman ruins of Leptis Magna that hooked us, but it was the days in the desert that we'll remember as the highlight. I see in your recent flyer that the trip will be repeated. It will be a winner as well for anyone that takes it. 

B. & J. U., Waterloo, ON


This is just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Malaysian Trip. Besides being excellent value for the money, it was adventurous, exotic, informative and fun in more ways than one. 

C. V. I., Toronto, ON


When I was in high school, I hated history. However,being "on the ground" as you led us through war-torn countries really made events come alive. Your commentary was more than we could have imagined. We found the sheer number of places visited rewarding and we both felt the special treatment we were given was above and beyond what we had expected. 

L. and M. Kay, London, ON

I thought your itinerary was excellent and Jacques and Joanne were superb at leading this tour. I was VERY impressed. DO NOT ever cancel this tour... I think that what you offer is financially reasonable and is great for ALL age groups. I know there is a lot of Canadians out there that could connect to this. Please continue to offer this tour. 

D. A., Trenton, ON

Your Maple Leaf Tour was wonderful and absolutely overwhelming. You made it live for us and I only wish I could remember more of the history you presented to us with facts and figures. It is a trip that will be in my thoughts many times in the future. Too much good food!! 

M.T. Waterloo, ON


I felt each day of our 20-day trip was outstanding! Just when I thought the very first day was wonderful and could not possibly be improved upon, each day thereafter was just as sensational. The people, music, food, architecture and history were so very diversified and unsurpassed I felt I visited three different countries... [this was] a trip of a lifetime. 

P.A., St. George, ON


I just wanted to tell you I loved everything about the tour--the Hotel Isabella, the food, the wine (of course), and the archaeological sights most of all--so well introduced by Jacques' lectures (usually while he held us captive on the bus!). Also, huge thanks to Aurelio, the fearless busdriver, and Joanne, the fearless tour escort. This was my fifth trip with Pauwels Travel and all of the journeys have given me new knowledge and great joy. I was so lucky to find you! 

D.M. Toronto, ON


Michael, you arranged a wonderful trip. I have been wanting to visit Florence for years and I enjoyed every minute. Thank you for your teaching moments which brought so much meaning to what we were seeing. We enjoyed our Cinque Terre trip so much too and we were appreciative of the schedule changes you made so we would not miss anything. The only sad part is that it is over! I hope to have the opportunity to travel with you again. 

Laurie Gladwish


My wife Sharon and I joined Michael Quinn on the recent tour of Paris, it was a wonderful and memorable experience. Our sincere thanks to Michael for his excellent service in making our holiday one that we will always remember. We are looking forward to travelling with Michael again in the future!