The Pauwels Travel Team

Bertha Pauwels

As owner/operator of Pauwels Travel, Bertha has been involved with the agency since its inception and is a large part of our on going success. Bertha specializes in individual travel and is recognized for her attention to detail by all her clients. While that same style of attention is now being devoted more to her grand children Bertha still maintains some hours in the office and is of course always the most gracious host of our annual wine and cheese party.

Sandra Pauwels

Having joined the travel agency in 1982, Sandra continues to be involved with both the retail side of the business as well as group travel. Sandra is generally the one who will deal with arrangements for deviations on group tours, pricing for individual groups, some retail travel and is an escort together with her husband Steve on several of the cultural tours.

Jacques Pauwels

With his 2 PHD's, multiple books, many languages and love of food and wine, Jack continues to be one of our most popular tour guides. His wealth of information on any subject is always in abundance for participants on his personally designed and executed tours to a wide variety of destinations. Jack's annual "Exotic" tour to a different destination each year including; Ethiopia, Timbuctu, China and Tibet, Tanzania and Kilamanjaro is one of his personal favorites.

Steve Thomas

Everyone needs support now and again and to Pauwels Travel Steve is just that. As an inside sales support for our group travel representatives, Steve is responsible for coordinating all aspects of a trip for many of our student programs to various destinations. On tour Steve is the moral support and helping hand of his wife Sandra, as well as a charming host. Steve is always quick with a joke, smiling and upbeat endearing him almost instantly to the people who had the pleasure of traveling with him on tours.

Ralph Maiorano

Born in Italy Ralph moved to Canada with his family at the age of five. He started as a travel counselor fresh out of school, and now as a 40 year veteran in the industry, has sold almost every destination in the world many times over. One of Ralph's greatest talents is in finding the lowest available airfare to any destination. Having traveled extensively over his career, Ralph is also able to give first hand advise on a number of hotels and destinations throughout Europe and the Caribbean. If you are thinking of getting away, be sure to contact Ralph for his expertise in planning the perfect vacation or, in finding the lowest airfares, and everything in between.

Caroline Davidson

With over a decade and a half of experience in arranging group travel, Caroline has a calm, efficient way of managing clients various wishes and special requests in her efforts to provide them with a seamless travel experience from start to finish. Her kind nature and attention to detail make her a favorite with many of our clientele.

Crystal Glaves

Crystal brings a wonderful energy and enthusiasm to the job as well as a keen determination to resolve any issues. She is keen to get to know the clients she works with, and to help them fulfill their dreams of visiting exotic destinations in lands far away. Feel free to challenge her.

Tezra Lesage

Pauwels Travel is pleased to introduce the newest member of our team, Tezra Lesage. Tezra brings with her years of experience in arranging the perfect vacation for people of all interests and budgets. Her kind manner, attention to detail and ability to find great deals are just some of the reasons for Tezra's already extensive client base. We know she will be a treasured gem to both the retail and group department at Pauwels Travel especially given her passion for exploring the world whenever she has the opportunity.

Wally Haupt

As a long time manager of the Austrian tourist board in Toronto and frequent visitor to Europe as well as North America, Wally knows all the right people and places for anyone interested in music tours or wellness. She is a keen negotiator and has an unsurpassed attention to detail. Her loyal clients include the Vancouver Chinese Choir, the CCOC, New Brunswick Youth Orchestra and St. Michaels College. Wally would welcome the opportunity to put her expertise to work for you and add you to her growing list of delighted clients.

Michael Quinn

A former high school teacher and eventually principal, Michael developed a taste for travel while accompanying student tours to Europe in the 1980s. Later he put his knowledge and experience to good use while leading adult tours for Pauwels Travel to Italy, France, the battlefields of World wars I and II, etc. His ability to provide insightful comments on the places you visit, assist you in getting around independently, and locate wonderful restaurants wherever you happen to be, have endeared him to participants on the tours he escorts. Michael also likes to add little extras, such as organizing picnics and cocktail parties, even treating our travelers to a ride on a carousel!

Don Kasta

Prior to retiring a number of years ago, Don had taught courses in history at two universities in Canada and the US and spent his career in university administration, mainly in the area of adult and continuing education. His last position was as Director of Distance and Continuing Education at the University of Waterloo. He has been associated with Pauwels since 1989 when his office at UW began offering Pauwels trips for UW students. In addition to taking many Pauwels trips with his wife Annette, Don began leading tours for Pauwels in 2004 and has led many tours to southern and northern Italy, Indochina, Ecuador and the Galapagos.

Garry Burns

While a career educator, Garry took yearlong sabbaticals in which he traveled the world over several times. Retired now, he shares his love of travel as well as some of his favorite finds and hidden gems from his adventures with participants on all of his tours. Garry is also known to provide informative commentary on his favorite aspects of a destination's culture, history, art, architecture, flora and fauna or gardens. What more could a tour member ask for?

Kathy Butwick

If you were to look up the definition of cruise fanatic it would likely say Kathy Butwick. Not only has she taken many, on various cruise lines to all sorts of different destinations but she is forever surfing the net reading reviews, taking courses, finding promotions and improving the ways in which she can help clients find the perfect cruise for them at the best possible value. If you are thinking of a cruise at all Kathy is your "go to" girl.

Lori Chisholm

Our local foodie, Lori specializes in organizing and executing small group food and wine focused programs as well as golf tours to destinations around the world. She prides herself on the high quality and excellent value she is able to deliver when it comes to her trips which are regularly sold out. Lori would be happy to customize a great food or golf focused tour for your small group or family.

Norm Buchanan

Following his notable career as a music teacher in Kingsville, Ontario, Norm decided to continue his commitment in providing students with the opportunity improve themselves as well as enhance their musical prowess through travel by assisting other teachers in organizing tours to destinations, music festivals and competitions across North America. He found the experience so rewarding that he has since developed a formula for adult tours which he escorts together with his wife Eleanor. The formula has proven so successful that the tours are often sold out in the blink of an eye. If you have a group interested in travelling anywhere at all, Norm will be happy to help you take them there.

Stephen Pauwels and Cathy Martin

Having grown up in a family focused on travel, Stephen Pauwels loves travel as much as the rest of the clan. Which is why, even with a successful financial company of his own, he and his wife Cathy organize and escort a food and wine tour each spring in collaboration with Tony Aspler, retired wine critic for the Toronto Star. The destination changes annually but always includes VIP-visits to famous and prestigious wineries, gourmet dining, and luxurious accommodation. Stephen and Cathy are a definite hit with their regular travelers whose numbers are growing quickly as word of this exceptional annual wine tour grows.

Joanne Mayhew

Joanne Mayhew, a.k.a Mother Superior, has been traveling with Pauwels Travel (then Ships School Educational Tours) since the early 1960's. Before the Pauwels family was even involved! As a teacher her focus was student travel but since retiring she has been a regular on the adult tours including her annual, general interest program which involves a different destination every year but is always filled with familiar faces, and faithful regulars of "Joanne's tour".

Dave & Barbara Mennill

Dave and Barb are the absolute dream team in organizing and escorting tours focused on Architecture, and Battlefields. Meticulous is what best describes the amount of research and planning that is given to every aspect of Dave and Barb's tours. Teachers who have travelled with the highly organized duo are also quick to add that the pre-tour exercises and on tour assignments Dave and Barb have developed add tremendous value as well as life long memories for the participants.

Vince and Jan Sacilotto

Yet another example of a great team, Vince and Jan Sacilotto have devoted decades to expanding the minds of Canadian youth with travels across North America and Europe. Now retired Vince continues to assist other educators in organizing tours, sorting through paperwork and assisting kids in being able to afford the opportunity to experience different cultures. Together, Vince and Jan have also branched out to organize and escort adult cultural programs. Most recently they have been hosts for our tours to Prague, San Francisco, New York, Washington, Italy, and soon they will be escorting our trip to China. Their kind nature, good humor and keen sense of adventure will certainly keep them escorting tours to many more exotic destinations in the future.

Agnes Hebb

Our long time member of the Pauwels team, Agnes is acting office manager and bookeeper. Anyone in the know knows she is the backbone of the operation.

Additional Group Tour Co-Ordinators & Escorts

  • Daina Janitis
  • Delia Berardi